Our Pledge

We here at Limb-it-Less Logging, LLC pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention.

Our Mission

At Limb-it-Less Logging, LLC, our mission is simple: offer each landowner professional low impact harvesting while providing top financial return for their timber.

The Beginning......

In 1999, Limb-it-Less Logging, LLC was established by Andrew

Clark. Andrew had been working in the forestry industry for 3 years prior to starting Limb-it-Less Logging, LLC. With his prior knowledge and his desire for continued education, Andrew has built a well-known and trusted low impact logging company. He educates his customers with the knowledge that he has gained over the years so that they can together make the proper discussion on how to handle their forestry and logging needs. Whether it is helping you to achieve your goals in managing your forest land or clearing a lot for building or development, it is important to Andrew to have the customer be involved in the decisions that arise. From the first meeting to the last log being loaded onto the truck; Andrew is by his customers’ side making sure that the job is completed the way his customer envisions.